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Gain access to
competitive venture capital funds and projects with attractive returns.

Invest in The Club

The club is a community of Family offices, private investors, venture capital companies, institutional investors and technology experts.

It is for those who would like to know more about technology trends and are interested in investments in cryptocurrency, blockchain, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, robotics and other disruptive technologies.

The club combines networking, education and investment opportunities in tech sector under one umbrella and provide access to the competitive VC funds with attractive returns.

Invest into great

tech projects

A new exclusive Club for investors and tech professionals aims to create a community of potential investors and industry experts, which will provide a platform for investing, networking as well as an exchange of ideas and experience. Access to excellent tech companies seeking investment which are often hidden or closed for many investors – the pooling of professional expertise and experienced investors, completely turns this around, opening up a wealth of previously closed opportunities.


So the Club has a very simple aim, to bring together investors

and late stage tech companies to create value.


Konstantin Sidorov, Founder and CEO

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