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Safeguarding Digital Reputation in the Age of AI 
at The Arts Club

27 September 2023

Another successful ‘salon style’ LTC event – a timely and fascinating discussion on the importance of protecting one's digital reputation.

With first impressions increasingly formed online, safeguarding and advancing one’s digital presence has never been more important. Advancements in AI and game-changing new tools are both increasing the risks as well as offering new opportunities.


A special thank you to our  fantastic speakers:


Charlie Bain,  Managing Director at Digitalis: a leading advisory firm helping clients to protect and advance their online interests.  Digitalis work with companies, private individuals and government entities to identify risk and harness opportunities presented by the unregulated online information environment.


Andrew Wessels, Founder and CEO of The Marque: a leading digital profile management platform, providing a  service to ensure you have control of your online narrative and personal brand.

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