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LTC Perspectives Webinar Nine: Mental Health and Technology

21 May 2020

'You are more likely to have a longer lifespan by being authentically kind to people than any amount of good diet or lifestyle choices you could make'

It was our pleasure to host a lively discussion on Mental Health and Technology with our experts:

Christian Angermayer – serial entrepreneur and investor, founder of Apeiron Investment Group and Atai Life Sciences, a global biotech company on a mission to heal mental health disorders.

LTC Member Dr Ronit Lami  – founder at Dr Lami Consultancy and wealth psychologist  who assists global HNW families to manage the non-fiscal aspects of their wealth.

Dan Murray-Serter – host of UK’s top business podcast Secret Leaders and co-founder of Heights – a company focused on enhancing cognitive performance through smart supplements.


Given the rising mental health agenda and the impact isolation has on emotional wellbeing, we were keen to present the latest expert thinking. Among others, we discussed the positive role of technology in medical research and connecting people, the research on use of psychedelics  in treating mental health issues, and the importance of purpose ( as well as sleep and nutrition) to our health and wellbeing.


Next week we will discuss  'Digital Reputation and Cybersecurity' with our experts: LTC Member Dave King – CEO of Digitalis and a globally respected advisor to listed entities, high-profile families, celebrities and governments on online reputation, cyber and security threats which emanate online. 


Ed Vaizey - UK’s first Digital Minister; former Minister of State responsible for the digital economy, including online safety and cyber security.

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