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LTC Perspectives Webinar Ten:

Online Reputation, Cybersecurity and Disinformation

28 May 2020

'We all have responsibility for combatting disinformation. Disinformation in relation to an organisation should be on the company's risk register and should certainly be on the board's agenda'

It was great to host the tenth session in our LTC Webinar Perspectives series: Online Reputation, Cybersecurity and Disinformation. A special thank you as ever to our panel for their lively discussion of the risks facing our personal and national security and online resilience: LTC Member Dave King — CEO of Digitalis and a globally respected digital security advisor to governments and other high-profile entities, and  Ed Vaizey — UK’s first Digital Minister; former Minister of State responsible for the digital economy, including online safety and cyber security.

Next week we will cover ‘Getting Sport, Media and Entertainment back on track’ with:

Stephen Duval, managing director and co-founder of 23 Capital who’ve advised and funded over $3.4bn in transactions to the sport, media and entertainment sectors. Stephen has worked with many of the world’s leading athletes, music artists, entertainers and brands, and advised on or structured more than 100 transactions across the sectors.

Luke Lloyd Davies, chief operating officer at Rocket Entertainment Group, the international sports marketing and management company co-owned by Sir Elton John. He is also the managing director at Elton John and David Furnish’s global private office.

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