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LTC Perspectives Webinar Eight: Impact Investing

14 May 2020

We were delighted to welcome so many attendees and our fantastic panel to discuss impact investment, green energy and philanthropy:

Ben Goldsmith – philanthropist, financier and environmentalist. Founder and CEO of investment firm Menhaden, which focuses on energy and resource efficiency.


LTC Member Natalia Vodianova – philanthropist, supermodel and impact investor.  Founder of Elbi - an innovative charity app that turns social media likes into donations.


LTC Member Alex Pitt – Co-founder at Mustard Seed, a VC firm investing into high growth impact companies.

With renewed global interest in the need for capital to address social and environmental issues, it was great to hear from the panel about investment decision-making in the short and medium term.

Our next week’s webinar will focus on 'Mental Health and Technology', the effects of the pandemic on our emotional well-being and the latest research in this area. We will be joined by the likes of Christian Angermayer –  founder of Apeiron Investment Group and Atai Life Sciences, a global biotech company on a mission to heal mental health disorders. Dan Murray-Serter –  co-founder of  Heights – a company focused on ‘brain food’, enhancing cognitive performance through smart supplements. LTC Member Dr Ronit Lami – a wealth psychologist who assists global HNW families to manage the non-fiscal aspects of their wealth.

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