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LTC Perspectives Webinar Seven: in discussion with Luke Nosek, co-founder of Gigafund and PayPal.

7 May 2020

‘Look for companies that are able to survive extremely difficult things and how they handle that. The problem is that when times are all good you can't prove this. I think we're good at sussing it out....but there's nothing like proof.’

We were delighted to host another thought-provoking webinar, discussing the  Founders' perspective with LTC Member Luke Nosek - visionary entrepreneur, co-founder of PayPal and Gigafund -  a venture capital firm backing the most ambitious and transformative entrepreneurs. Gigafund’s portfolio companies include Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Luminous Computing and The Boring Company.  It was inspiring to hear more of Luke's thinking on the current situation, how Gigafund has grown since our first meeting and how to plan smartly for the next twenty years.


Next week we will discuss the implications for impact investing. We will be joined by LTC Member Natalia Vodianova - supermodel, philanthropist and impact investor, founder of Elbi; Ben Goldsmith - philanthropist, financier and environmentalist, founder and CEO of investment firm Menhaden; LTC Member Alex Pitt -  co-founder at Mustard Seed - a VC investing into high growth impact companies.

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