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‘Redefining Mental Health and Nutrition Paradigms’: LTC breakfast with Christian Angermayer and Camilla Fayed at the Arts Club

28 September 2021

We enjoyed a fascinating discussion with two highly successful entrepreneurs and  pioneers in, amongst others, the fields of mental health and nutrition:


Christian Angermayer: founder of  Apeiron Investment Group, serial entrepreneur and investor. With his company ATAI Life Sciences he is on a mission to find cures for mental health issues by bringing back psychedelics into the legal realm. ATAI recently went public, with shares soaring on the first day of trading - great news for LTC investors and an important milestone in the research on mental health treatments. 


Camilla Fayed: pioneer in the 'food as medicine space' and founder of Farmacy London – London’s trailblazing vegan restaurant and a place for those passionate about taste, provenance and ‘living food’ recipes that are good for both human health and sustainability. 

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