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LTC Webinar: Investment Strategies with Alexander Mars and Sam Giber

26 November 2020

We were delighted to host a webinar with 'French Bill Gates' Alexandre Mars: entrepreneur, investor, engaged philanthropist and founder of Blisce/- a cross-border technology investment fund.

Alexandre was joined by Sam Giber, Partner at Blisce/ where he leads the US investment team.


Since 2013, Blisce/ has invested in 26 leading U.S. and European companies including Spotify, Pinterest, Headspace, Harry’s & Brut, with 8 exits. Blisce/ implements, monitors and deploys ESG policies in each company of its portfolio.


Over the past 20 years, Alexandre has launched and sold multiple companies across industries including internet, mobile marketing and social media. In 2014, he harnessed the momentum of his success to found Epic, a global non-profit startup that fights to change the lives of disadvantaged youth and advocates for a society where giving is the norm. 


The discussion focused on the investment strategies that made Blisce/ so successful, and on Epic’s mission to provide innovative and systematic ways to give.

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