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LTC Webinar with Christian Angermayer

18 November 2020

We were excited to host a webinar with  Christian Angermayer – serial entrepreneur and investor passionate about mental health issues. With his biotech company ATAI Life Sciences, Christian has the ambitious goal to find cures for mental health issues by bringing back formerly vilified drugs like psychedelics into the legal realm.


Christian is founder of Apeiron Investment Group and Elevat3 Capital – which focuses on technology in the areas of artificial intelligence, space technology, internet security, biotech, blockchain and fintech in Germany and other countries in Europe.


He laid the foundations for his success with Ribopharma in 2000, which merged with US peer Alnylam in 2003 and subsequently went public. Since then, Christian has created, co-founded and invested in numerous successful companies, has raised approx. USD 2 billion for his portfolio companies and has been involved in more than 40 successful IPO- and M&A-transactions.


An avid reader, Christian made some interesting book recommendations to our viewers – please see below.

          1. How to Change Your Mind: The New Science of Psychedelics

             Michael Pollan

          2. Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the

              Way We Live and Work

              Steven Kotler

          3. Think and Grow Rich

              Napoleon Hill 

          4. Immortality Key, The: The Secret History of the Religion with No Name

              Brian Muraresku, C.

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