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LTC Perspectives Series Webinar One: Healthcare

26 March 2020

“This will be one of the few moments where the provision of healthcare such as medicine/ telemedicine is re-written”


It was an honour to welcome so many attendees dialing in and our thought leaders for the first in our new webinar series focused entirely on leading perspectives during this corona crisis and remote revolution. We would, of course, like to offer special thanks to our expert panel: Vas Bailey of Artis Ventures and The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Alex Zhavoronkov of Insilico Medicine and Guochun Liao of IdbyDNA, for their clarity on the current conditions and the potential future positive impact on healthcare.


The LTC Perspective Webinar Series will continue on a weekly basis, and include topics such as the view from the US, emerging markets, the ‘remote revolution’ and how will governments respond post crisis. At our next webinar we will be joined by master investor Jim Mellon and CEO of FTSE 100 company IG June Felix to discuss the impact on finance and the markets.

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