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LTC Perspectives Series Webinar Two: Potential impact on finance and

the markets

2 April 2020

'trying to find the absolute low is a fool’s errand, don’t be scared to put money to work and take a long term view'


We were pleased to welcome so many attendees for the second in our Webinar Series focused on leading perspectives during the COVID-19 crisis. A special thank you to our distinguished panelists and LTC Members: entrepreneur and investor Jim Mellon, CEO of IG Group June Felix, and LGT Vestra CEO Ben Snee. Among other subjects, the discussion focused on investor behavior (which is encouragingly far from passive or panicky), parallels and differences to past crises, industries that will be most impacted as well as the implications of the ongoing ‘remote revolution’.


The LTC Perspective Webinar Series will continue on a weekly basis. Next week we will be joined by the likes of Noor Sweid, founder of Dubai-based Global Ventures and a prominent venture capitalist in MENA;  Chris Rust, Founding Partner at Clear Ventures and former Partner at Sequoia Capital and USVP, and other speakers who will present the view from VCs from around the world. 

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