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LTC Perspectives Webinar Five: Perspectives from Governments

23 April 2020

'The real big thing now is who wins the vaccine race, the race for the vaccine could have the most disproportionate effect ever.. if one particular country manages to crack the code before the rest... the geopolitical map as we know it will change at least in the hearts of people'.

We were pleased to welcome so many attendees for the fifth webinar from the LTC Perspectives Series: Governments.  We had a fascinating discussion on the role of governments during the pandemic, the differing strategies and lessons learned from the crisis, and the prognosis for a post COVID-19 world in the medium and longer term.

A special thank you to our distinguished speakers:

Dr. Joseph Muscat, former Prime Minister of Malta, whose far-reaching liberal reforms fuelled Malta’s economic growth to become a successful Tech industries focussed country.

Amy Pope, partner at Schillings and former U.S. Deputy Homeland Security Advisor to President Obama, who has extensive experience managing challenges at the highest level of U.S. Government, including the effort to combat Zika, Ebola and other public health threats.


Our Webinar Series will continue on a weekly basis. Next week we will return to the world of venture capital for fresh updates on the implications for investors. We will be joined by senior figures from three top VC firms from around the world.

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