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LTC Breakfast on the Future Technology in Philanthropy

at the Conduit Club

21 November 2019

Following our highly popular events on Future Technology in Formula One™, Wine, Art and Longevity, our fifth thought leadership event focused on how technology will impact strategic giving and Philanthropy. 

We were delighted to welcome our distinguished speakers: Adam Askew (Director of Philanthropy at Elbi), Andrew Bastawrous (Co-founder and CEO of Peek Vision) and Vinay Nair (Co-founder and CEO of Lightful). 

Philanthropy has an increasing number of opportunities to use technology in new ways. From a donor’s perspective, individuals and corporations wishing to give strategically want technology to overcome their lack of knowledge, time and trust. For the fundraiser, technology can assist with compelling storytelling, frictionless giving and transparency in impact.  And it can provide clear reasons for donors to select, monitor and experience their desire to do good.
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