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LTC presents 'Why do the likes of Google and Apple acquire Deep Tech Companies?' at 67 Pall Mall

7 November 2019

We were excited to host a breakfast  with Gilad Engel,  Partner at Target Global – the international VC firm with with €700 million under management across Europe.  As an expert in deep vs general tech and Israeli deep tech, Gilad has successfully been part of two company sales to Apple (Anobit) and Google (Elastieifle). Gilad spoke about the current trends, strategies and pitfalls when investing into Deep Tech companies.


Joining the conversation were representatives from two prominent companies in the deep tech field - Scott Young, Director of Cambridge Quantum Computing and Ciaran Rooney, Director of Corporate Development at Rockley Photonics.


The presentations were followed by a most enjoyable and interactive Q&A session.

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