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A billion downloads: Lunch with PicsArt CEO Hovhannes Avoyan

21 September 2021

“This being my fifth company, I really want to create something that genuinely creates value. It’s as much about being ‘IPO worthy’ as it is ‘IPO-ready” – Hovhannes Avoyan


We were delighted to host a lunch with Hovhannes Avoyan: serial entrepreneur and Co-founder and CEO of PicsArt – the all-in-one photo and video editing app with over 150 million monthly active users and influencers.


In August, PicsArt has raised $130 million at around $1.5 billion post-money valuation, delivering a near 3 times investment return for LTC members who invested in PicsArt last year.


Since its founding in 2012 PicsArt’s team has grown to more than 800 employees in nearly a dozen hubs around the world. Originally written in English, it is now available in 28 languages. The PicsArt app has been downloaded more than 1 billion times across 180 countries.

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