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LTC Webinar: Robert Nelsen, Co-founder of Arch Ventures and William Sims, CEO of Cooledge

17 September 2020

Continuing our discussions on successful investment strategies and the relationship between the VC and its portfolio companies, we were delighted to host a webinar with two fantastic speakers:


Legendary investor Robert Nelsen, Co-founder and Managing Director of  ARCH Venture Partners and #28 on the Forbes Midas List. Robert co-founded or backed more than 25 companies that have reached billion-dollar valuations, including cancer immunotherapy treatment maker Juno Therapeutics, acquired for $9 billion in 2018. 


Lighting technology pioneer William Sims, CEO of Cooledge - a global deep tech leader in LED luminous surfaces and one of ARCH's portfolio companies. William was formerly CEO of Color Kinetics, the company largely credited for triggering the lighting industry’s shift towards LED technology. He guided the company to profitability and oversaw its successful IPO and sale to Philips for nearly $800 million.

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