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LTC Webinar: The Future of Car Ownership with

Drover CEO Felix Leuschner

10 September 2020

Kick-starting our autumn season of events, we had the pleasure to host a webinar with Felix Leuschner, Founder & CEO at Drover.  Hailed as ‘Netflix for Cars’, Drover is a VC-backed, leading all-inclusive Car-as-a-service subscription company. Capitalizing on a multi-billion dollar market-shift from car ownership to access-orientated models, Drover’s technology provides a marketplace which is comprehensive, easy-to-use and therefore appealing for the next generation.


The discussion focused on the future of mobility and the considerable opportunities for innovative car subscription models in the mobility space.


Next week we will host a webinar with legendary investor Robert Nelsen, Co-founder of  ARCH Venture Partners and lighting technology pioneer William Sims, CEO of Cooledge - a global deep tech leader in LED luminous surfaces. 

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