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LTC Breakfast on the Future Technology in Longevity at 12 Hay Hill

12 September 2019

LTC hosted a special panel of world-leading experts to discuss lifespan, healthspan, technology and its impact on the future of Longevity. Hosted by Dr Milla Marinova (Principal, GrayBella Capital) we were delighted to welcome Jim Mellon (Chairman and Founder, Juvenescence), Vas Bailey (Partner, ARTIS Ventures) and Sacha Dhamani (Head of Longevity, Prudential Assurance).

The discussion was lively and engaging with a Q&A session from our club members and specially selected tech industry guests.  Whilst we all know the potential of increasing life and healthspan, as current research indicates, the question remains ‘how’ and ‘what’ technology will help us.

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