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LTC presents impact theme ‘UK tech pioneers Winnow’ at 12 Hay Hill

6 June 2019

The London Technology Club was delighted to introduce Marc Zornes the Co-Founder of Winnow Solutions who have built a market-leading, proven technology to reduce food waste -  creating a more profitable business whilst at the same time doing something good and empowering the industry. Winnow is an approved company under the UK Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS).


Echoing research by numerous multinational organisations such as the World Bank, food waste versus hunger in the world is an ethical issue to address. On the other hand, in terms of economics, wasted food costs the hospitality industry over $100bn annually with up to 20% food purchased going to waste.  The cutting edge AI technology allows businesses to monitor and measure wastage.  This allows thousands of chefs worldwide the ability to save time and money through automation in the kitchen. 


The aim is to  provide a solution for a notable reduction of food waste and help the industry to develop more efficient processes, gain greater visibility and make better business decisions leading to reduced food waste and costs.

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