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LTC Dubai Event: The golden opportunity for corporate venture capital at The St Regis Dubai

22 February 2024

The Corporate Venture Capital market is a significant portion of the overall venture capital landscape, yet it is still a maturing industry. Many believe the golden age of CVC is yet to come, most notably in the MENA/GCC region. There is a compelling opportunity for established corporations seeking to adapt, explore and drive innovation through win-wins with startups and scaleups.

We enjoyed an insightful discussion with leading investors and companies shaping the future of CVC.

A special thank you to our speakers:

  • Kushal Shah, Head of e& capital, the venture capital arm of e&, the global technology and investment group

  • Mark Hutchinson, Managing Partner of the Tquila Paloma Fund, a corporate development and technology company helping organisations leverage cloud computing and digital transformation

  • Vinay Kapoor, LTC Dubai Co-chair and former Coca-Cola Executive.

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