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LTC Cursory Due Diligence
Report Service

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The Member Benefit:

The LTC Cursory Due Diligence Report Service provides an investment opinion about a company. This is based on LTC’s Investment team expertise alongside other carefully curated experts from within the Club and network. Note typically it will not provide a comprehensive analysis of the company's financial health or investability. Rather, it serves as a starting point for further investigation, objective considerations and due diligence on the part of the investor.

The report for Members’ companies will generally include:

  • A summary of the company's financial information, an overview of its business operations, and a review of any legal or regulatory issues that may affect its operations.

  • An assessment of the company's management team, business model and comparables, and potential risks or red flags identified during the review process.

  • Where enough information is available, a return analysis will be provided.

What we'd require:

The more data we get from you, the more informative our report can be, this service does not include us making independent requests for data, and it is worth noting that generally, there is very little publicly available data on private companies. The member will be responsible for giving us as much information as possible in advance.


​​Typically, we would expect some of the following data (though not an exhaustive list):​

  1. Financial statements: This includes the company's income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows and any forecasts – the more recent, the better and the past 3 years’ historical would also be useful.

  2. Information on the company's products or services, target market, and competitive landscape.

  3. Management team: Information on the company's leadership team, their experience and qualifications, and any notable achievements or challenges they have faced.

  4. Any known legal or regulatory issues that may affect the company's operations, such as pending lawsuits or changes to relevant laws or regulations.

  5. If a company is raising, any decks or term sheets. Present or proposed cap table.


Note each LTC member is entitled to two reports per year and we are only able to assess technology companies. The LTC Investment team has the right to politely decline providing a report if it is outside of our expertise and there are no relevant external experts in our network.

What next:

Please contact the LTC Investment team HERE and we can liaise with you directly on your needs.

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