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LTC Supporting Pioneers and Exploration

Explorers have long played a central role in the history of humankind because explorers create new value - in resources, territories, exchange, knowledge, technology, leadership and learning.


Technology has always helped exploration, entrepreneurs and the pioneering spirit. We are passionate about the opportunities for innovation, advantage and technology deployment. We want to champion pioneers and the spirit of exploration as we believe it fits with technology and our values. 


LTC partners with Scientific Exploration Society (SES) to lead, fund and support scientific discovery, research and conservation in remote parts of the world offering knowledge, education and community aid.

LTC and our founder Konstantin Sidorov have a shared passion for exploration, always striving to find new things in the world with the pioneering spirit. An avid traveller and mountaineer, Konstantin has conquered a number of peaks, including Aconcagua, Matterhorn and Gasherbrum II - and is a member of SES Honorary Advisory Board.

Together we have created short films on how tech and SES's community explore the edges of our world. Harnessing technology enables us to plan, execute, capture and communicate projects and expeditions.

LTC are proud to support SES, the longest-running scientific exploration organisation in the world and its explorers. Find out more about SES here​.

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