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Ali Erdem
Compliance Officer

Ali Erdem has joined London Technology Club as a Compliance Officer, bringing with him a rich background of over two decades in the compliance field. Throughout his career, Ali has been unwavering in his commitment to upholding the highest standards of regulatory adherence. He has effectively overseen and directed compliance functions for a diverse array of financial institutions, ranging from private equity firms to asset management companies.

Ali's career journey began at Mitsui Co. Ltd, a multinational investment and trading house, where he managed global investments. He later spent five years at a prominent asset management firm, which successfully raised a private equity fund with a size of €65 million. In 2014, Ali took on the role of Senior Business Development Manager at Toshiba Corporation, leading the business development team. In 2019, he joined an FCA-regulated asset management company in London, overseeing tasks such as risk assessment, policy development, regulatory reporting, and internal investigations. He also played a pivotal role in ensuring that employees across various departments were well-informed about compliance requirements and trained to adhere to them.

Beyond his professional life at LTC, Ali finds joy in traveling, playing basketball, and savouring fine dining experiences. He is a proud father of two young children and cherishes quality time spent with his family. Ali holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Istanbul.

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