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Ali Erdem
Group Operations
& Compliance Officer

Ali Erdem joins London Technology Club as Operations Director and focuses on operations of the portfolio companies and managing post investment process. He has over 20 years of fund management and operations experience in the UK and emerging markets covering Central & Eastern Europe and has advised various global private equity & asset management firms so far.


Ali began his career at Mitsui Co. Ltd, a multinational investment & trading house, where he was responsible for the global investments. Then, he spent five years on a major asset management firm that has raised a private equity fund with €65million size. In 2014, Ali joined Toshiba Corporation as Senior Business Development Manager and led the business development team. In 2019, he joined a major asset management company in London (whose AUM over $5billion) and managed the operations of their portfolio companies.


Outside of LTC, Ali enjoys travelling, basketball and fine dining. He is a proud father to two young children and enjoys spending time with his family. Ali holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Istanbul.

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