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LTC Breakfast ‘The Beauty of Art and Technology’ with Natalia Vodianova and Harry Blain at Blain|Southern

27 June 2019

We were delighted to invite our members and a select group of guests to a private breakfast with two prominent speakers bringing new technologies to their respective industries:

Our club member Natalia Vodianova - technology investor, philanthropist and supermodel - presented the company VOIR, an innovative app that uses computer vision, machine learning, neural networks and expertise in makeup to bring beauty products into the digital world.

Harry Blain - Britain’s leading art dealer and co-founder of the art gallery Blain|Southern - presented the company Sedition, a revolutionary platform for collecting limited edition art in digital format by leading contemporary artists.

A special thank you to Harry Blain and his team for hosting the event at the striking Blain|Southern gallery in Mayfair.

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