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LTC Breakfast - Macro trends with
UBS Chief Economist Paul Donovan

at Royal Automobile Club

25 March 2022

We were delighted to host a breakfast with Paul Donovan, Chief Economist of UBS Global Wealth Management – to discuss current macroeconomic trends through the lens of a tech investor. LTC members hugely enjoyed calling upon Paul’s wealth of knowledge and his great ability to present complex matters in a very clear and relatable way.


A highly sought-after speaker and the author of several books, Paul often speaks in the media about topics of economic and political interest. Paul joined UBS back in 1992 as an intern economist. As Chief Economist, Paul sits on the Global Investment Committee. He is a UBS Opinion Leader and part of the UBS Nobel Perspectives program and a supporter of the UBS Women in Economics program.


The LTC breakfast covered topics such as narrative economics, being a political economist rather than a mathematical one, the UK in a post-Brexit world, markets underestimating the effect of people adapting and the focus on spin vs substance.


A large thanks to LTC member UBS for organising.

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