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LTC Webinar on Safeguarding Reputation and Information

25 February 2021

As we all know, ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’. 


With first impressions increasingly formed online, management of one’s digital presence is becoming more important than ever. We are also all looking for more secure and trusted ways to share sensitive and important information amongst our peers, family and stakeholders.


With this in mind, we were pleased to discuss the latest technology tools assisting our members, families and partners with our speakers:


Andrew Wessels, Founder and CEO of The Marque:  a leading digital profile management platform.  Founded in 2015, it has become the de facto source of trusted, elegantly crafted information about successful people on the web.

Edouard Thijssen, Co-founder of  Trusted Family:  an award-winning technology platform serving leading family businesses by offering a single, secure governance platform. It enables directors, shareholders, family members and their close advisors to easily connect, communicate and collaborate on any device.

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