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LTC Breakfast on Technology & Preventative Health at 10-11 Carlton House Terrace

24 February 2022

“the incremental addition of 30 years or so to average lifespans over the next two or three decades will represent the single greatest investment opportunity in recorded history.”


A fascinating discussion on health and longevity tech - how accelerated digital transformations and AI are leading us to reimagine healthcare. Governments are waking up to the need to put prevention at the heart of a nation’s health by stopping problems from arising in the first place. Investors are recognising technology to be a key enabler in helping consumers take more control in monitoring and managing their well-being.


A special thank you to our great  panellists:

  • Jim Mellon, master investor and longevity guru, founder of numerous companies including Juvenescence.

  • Stephen Tual, Founder and CEO of 3 Billion Pairs and ex-CCO of Ethereum.

  • Joe Stringer, Partner at Octopus Ventures and former head of Google Health UK.

  • Charly Massey, leading healthtech data scientist and nominated ’70 Women in Healthtech to Watch’.

To download our Report on Technology & Preventative Health, please click HERE.

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