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Future of Mobility lunch with Quin Garcia
at 67 Pall Mall

22 July 2021

Mobility tech venture funding set a record in Q1, with $23.4 billion invested in the vertical.  We had a fascinating discussion on the future of mobility with Quin Garcia, Founder and MD of Silicon Valley-based Autotech Ventures - a transportation-focused VC firm.  Autotech have invested in dozens of successful mobility startups such as Lyft, Outdoorsy, Volta Charging, Spothero, and Frontier Car Group.


Quin has served as a Board Director, Observer, or Advisory Board member at numerous mobility startups, including Lyft, Peloton Technology, Connected Signals, and many others. The 20+ mobility startups he has been involved with since 2007 have grown to over $20B in valuation.

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