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The Future of Freight Technology:
LTC Webinar with Einride founder
and CEO Robert Falck

20 October 2022

“The future of transport is electric, autonomous and digital. Zero-emissions and self-driving vehicles, coordinated by an intelligent network. The clean, safe and efficient way to ship”


A fascinating discussion with Robert Falck, founder and CEO of Einride,  an innovative, next gen freight technology company providing end-to-end solutions for digital, electric, and autonomous shipping. In 2019, Einride became the world’s first company to operate an autonomous, electric freight vehicle on a public road. Its vision is to make Earth a better place through intelligent movement.


A serial entrepreneur and inventor, Robert Falck founded several successful businesses. Before founding Einride in 2016, he worked his way up from the factory floor to a director of manufacturing engineering assembly at Volvo GTO Powertrain.

Click here to see video of Einride highlights.


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