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Building the Primary Care Platform of the Future: 
Live Broadcast with Christopher Muhr

18 May 2022

In this live studio broadcast,  we discussed the future of healthcare with  Christopher Muhr, Founder and CEO of  Patient21, a Berlin-based digi-physical healthtech platform for primary care: empowering doctors, patients and third parties to embed technology into the treatment process.


Patient21 operates 25 “digital-first” clinics in 19 cities in Germany and plans to expand across Europe in the next two years. Since its launch in 2020, the company has grown revenues more than 300% and serves over 12.5k patients monthly.


Christopher is a serial entrepreneur, best known for co-founding Groupon International, Canadian Mattress brand Endy, prop tech startup McMakler and scaling Auto1 in the role of COO. Christopher scaled business across 30 countries, managed 8,000 people and raised equity of $1.5B for his companies.


A special thank you to 67 Pall Mall for hosting us at their TV studio.

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