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LTC Dubai Event: Bringing F1 To The Palm

17 November 2022

Ahead of the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix weekend, we hosted a very unique event with our Members and specially invited guests: a drinks reception and interviews on Technology & F1 with personnel from the McLaren race team.  We also showcased some pioneering digital technology that is currently taking F1 by storm!


A special thank you to our gracious hosts Spike and Tabassum Hughes of Cohesion Investments, for hosting the event at their magnificent terrace on the Palm!


Thank you also to our fantastic speakers for their insights and demonstration of cutting-edge racing technology:


Many thanks also to the likes of Curtis Nice of McLaren Racing, Gemma Fisher of Formula Health and Adam Norris of Pure Electric for providing some additional insights and personal stories from F1.

To download our accompanying Full Report on Technology & Formula One, please click HERE.

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