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Fine Wine tasting and technology discussion
at 67 Pall Mall

14 October 2021

“The world of fine wine has had to accelerate its adoption of technology to just continue to do business, but if harnessed effectively, technology can help the industry in the future to not just survive… but thrive”.


Another great event in our ‘Future Technology’ Series: a lively panel discussion on how technology is impacting the centuries old tradition of wine making – from growers and producers to consumers, investors and collectors. Throughout the discussion, our guests could sample


some great wines at the iconic 67 Pall Mall Club for oenophiles & connoisseurs.


A special thank you to our brilliant panellists:


Dr Cecilia Muldoon:  Doctor in physics and an experienced oenophile passionate about bringing together science and wine. Founder of VeriVin – a platform providing the F&B industry with solutions to product testing;


Paul Mabray:  CEO at  Pix - the world’s first wine discovery platform with a simple mission: to pair people with bottles that bring them joy;


Pauline Vicard:   Co-founder at ARENI Global – a global research and action institute dedicated to the future of Fine Wine;


Matthew O’Connell: Head of Investment at Bordeaux Index – a leading global fine wine & spirits merchant, and CEO of LiveTrade, an award-winning  fine wine trading platform.

To download our report on Future Technology in Fine Wine please click HERE.

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