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LTC and Milken Institute Chairman

Circle Lunch

14 June 2018

The conversation of Katie O’Reilly, Director of Milken Institute and Michael Milken Chairman circle members with Konstantin Sidorov and Jeremy Butt about London Technology Club. Two very well-known entrepreneurs were invited to the lunch.

-        Boaz Yaari, co-founder and CEO of Sharegain. Sharegain is the company that disrupts securities lending industry and unlocks the hidden value of securities in your portfolio. Sharegain allows to earn passive income of 1-3% per annum without losing control over the securities you own.

-        Xavier Suarez, co-founder of Travelperk. Travelperk is the company that builds "Booking for business" - by integrating with travel policies of your companies it allows to avoid mistakes in bookings (when hotels / flights are booked at inappropriate rates) as well as allows to prepay the hotels from the account of the company and provides all the reporting documents in one place.

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