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Building Resilience in Times of Uncertainty
at Langan's Brasserie

14 April 2023

The world is undergoing increasingly rapid and unprecedented change. To thrive, individuals and companies must develop resilience. Fresh after Easter break, we enjoyed a highly stimulating discussion on dealing with uncertainty, building resilience, enhancing cognitive performance and the psychology of wealth.  We also touched upon some new technologies and therapies that have proven effective in managing burnout, stress and cognitive decline.


Thank you to our fantastic speakers:


  • Dr Trudi Edginton -  a clinical psychologist and cognitive neuroscientist who works with people in high-stakes environments to maximise performance. A sought-after speaker on cognitive performance, mindfulness and mental health, Dr. Edginton draws on 30 years of experience in research and clinical work.

  • Dr. Ronit Lami - a business, clinical & wealth psychologist and a renowned expert on ‘the psychology of money & wealth’. She has spent 20 years helping family businesses and HNWIs understand the complex psychology surrounding money, estate planning and wealth transfer across generations.


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