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LTC Pledge Fund III: LTC CEO live interview
with Dafydd Rees

13 September 2022

In this live-streamed interview,  award-winning journalist Dafydd Rees and LTC Founder Konstantin Sidorov  discussed trends in tech investing – and why tech still tends to outperform the overall economy in today’s turbulent market. Konstantin also gave an update on LTC’s Pledge Fund III, the club’s investment strategies and track record.   Launched earlier this year, the LTC Pledge Fund III is a commitment to co-invest in the best of the London Technology Club’s curated portfolio, investing alongside the General Partner, Konstantin Sidorov and LTC Investment Team over a one-year period.


Dafydd Rees is an award-winning journalist working across radio, television and digital media for the BBC, Sky and Bloomberg. He has been a policy adviser to former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair on the impact and consequences of Brexit. With over thirty years in the media, he has held a number of senior management roles including Head of Bloomberg TV EMEA and Head of Business News for Sky Television.


A special thank you to 67 Pall Mall TV studio team.

For more on LTC Pledge, please contact  

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