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Classic Cars & Technology: Revive, Remaster, Electrify at The Royal Automobile Club

13 March 2024

A fantastic group of guests at the RAC - discussing all things technology in relation to classic cars - collecting, reviving, restoring and electrifying these beloved objects of passion and investment.  Advanced technologies offer pathways to retrofit classic vehicles for the modern world. We explored how innovative solutions are redefining what it means to drive and maintain classic cars in today’s tech and sustainability-focused society.


A special thanks to all who contributed to the discussion, including;

RAC Chairman Ben Cussons, Charles Clegg of Custodian, Clive Smith of Smith Crossings (ex-Britishvolt), Julian Thomas of Race Logic, Martin Popilka of P1 Fuels, Oliver Burstall of The Structural Battery Company, Patrick Fairfield of Lunaz Design, Richard Saxby of McLaren Applied Technology, Simon Gardiner of Goodwood, Trevor Ward of Rindt Vehicle Design; as well as classic cars and racing enthusiasts: Juergen Abrams of Abrams Industries, Cecilia Muldoon of Veritie and Joseph Zammit-Tabona of Malta Business Network.

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