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LTC Breakfast with Noor Sweid on

‘Fast Growth Opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa’ at the Royal Automobile Club

10 October 2019

We were excited to host a breakfast with our Club member Noor Sweid,  the VC star of MENA, one of ‘the world’s top 50 women in tech’ according to Forbes.  Noor is the founder and general partner of Dubai-based Global Ventures and a prominent venture capitalist in the Middle East and North Africa. In 2008, she made headlines as the first female to lead an IPO in the region when her family business, Depa, was listed on the London Stock Exchange and NASQAD Dubai. In the three years prior, she had helped the business grow tenfold and reach $600m in revenue.


Global Ventures is a growth-focused venture capital firm investing in revenue-generating enterprise technology companies that can scale and create impact through creating massive employment opportunities in emerging markets.


The discussion focused on investment opportunities in the region and strategies for catalysing growth and scaling companies.

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