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LTC Breakfast: 'Can Space be scaled?'
at Allbright Club

09 June 2023

Last year, the UK’s space sector added £7 billion in value to the UK economy. The new space economy is a lot more than launching rockets and putting man on the moon.  From space data centres, next-gen comms and pharma development to space junk removal and asteroid mining: our panel of experts discussed the fascinating new technologies that will not only expand our understanding of the universe but also help improve our life on Earth.


Thank you to our prominent speakers:

Dr Alice Bunn OBE, President of UKSpace - the trade association of the British space industry;

Stuart Martin, CEO of the Satellite Applications Catapult and former vice-chair of UKSpace;

Michelle Howard, Strategic Policy Advisor to Defence, National Security and Space sectors.

With special thanks to Jodi Bartin,  CEO of Citicourt & Co, for opening remarks. 

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