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LTC Breakfast on Technology & ESG
at the ‘Gherkin’ tower

08 December 2021

“If everyone looked through the ESG lens at their own company, every single one would evolve to becoming a better business for the benefit of all – people and planet".


ESG continues to embed itself into the DNA of businesses and investment decisions via both risk management and entrepreneurial action. It has become critically important and therefore the topic most discussed in every board room and investor meeting currently.


In a lively panel discussion, we looked at how future technology will be of critical importance to the integration of ESG for investors and investing. A huge thank you to our great panellists:


Damian Payiatakis: Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing at Barclays;


Hannah Leach: Co-founder of VentureESG,  a global initiative driving the adoption of ESG in the Venture Capital industry;


Julianne Flesher: Co-founder and CEO of Nossa Data, a software platform that makes it easy for companies to report on their ESG data.

To download our Report on Technology & ESG please click HERE.

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