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LTC Space Live Broadcast Event

8 October 2020

The new space economy is a lot more than just launching rockets.  From space tourism to medical R&D, next-gen communications, asteroid mining and space junk removal: our panel of experts in a studio discussed the growing case for the commercialisation of space and the fascinating new technologies that will not only expand our understanding of the universe but also help improve our life here on Earth.

A huge thank you to our panellists:


Stuart Martin, CEO of the Satellite Applications Catapult, former vice-chair of UKSpace, and council member of Eurospace.


Michelle Howard, Strategic Policy Advisor to Defence, National Security and Space sectors.  


Richard Kivel,  Founder and Managing Director of GrayBella Capital and a frequent keynote speaker at space, investment and technology conferences worldwide.


Sean Sutcliffe,  CEO of Oxford Space Systems, with an extensive background spanning chemical, energy and defence industries.


To download our report on Future Technology in Space please CLICK HERE


To watch the welcoming speech by British astronaut Tim Peake please CLICK HERE. 

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