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What's Next for Crypto and Digital Assets?
at Savile Club, Mayfair

05 June 2024

The approval of Bitcoin ETFs in January has injected new money and a renewed sense of optimism into the industry, pushing up the price of Bitcoin to all time highs. What impact will the recent Bitcoin halving have on crypto markets? Where are the practical use cases for blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrencies – and which investment strategies are delivering the best returns?

We enjoyed a highly interactive discussion on the latest milestones in the digital assets space. A special thank you to our experts:

Rabia Iqbal - Managing Partner at Nural Capital - a digital assets investing platform providing access to top blockchain funds and direct investments.


Anatoly Crachilov - CEO & Founding Partner at Nickel Digital - an award-winning investment manager merging traditional finance with the fast-paced digital asset market.


Tamer Ozmen - Founder & CEO at Mintus - a platform which transforms alternative assets into financial products, providing access to uncorrelated asset classes for financial institutions such as Asset Management firms, and Private Banks. 

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