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LTC Perspectives Series Webinar Three: Thoughts from GlobalVenture Capital Firms

9 April

'Companies that were playing to win are now playing to survive'


We were pleased to welcome many attendees for the third in our LTC Webinar Perspectives Series, discussing the views from global Venture Capital firms. A special thank you to our great panellists representing three regions - Chris Rust, Founding Partner at California-based Clear Ventures, former Partner at Sequoia Capital and USVP and a sought-after keynote speaker on emerging technology; Noor Sweid, Founder of Dubai-based Global Ventures and one of ‘the world’s top 50 women in tech’ according to Forbes; Alexander Frolov, General Partner and CEO of Target Global, an international VC firm headquartered in Berlin.



1.25 Introductions

4:50 Regional investment summaries

11.25 The short term: Value in strong leadership, individual resilience and community building. Ensuring liquidity, adaptability.

26:34 Medium term. Predictions for H2 investment climate, friction, strong survive, decreased funding pools. Fund formation and firm runways.

40:54 VC funding: Shifting power play, return to real partnerships, interteam relations. How much is really needed to build great companies?

47:00 Good investment strategy, most promising sectors, protection of those areas most vulnerable.


58:20 The positives: Opportunity, compelling solutions, meaningful change, rapid evolution.

1:05:14 Conclusion

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